What to Expect


Pastor Drew preaches practical truths from a divine Text. Every message given is firstly Scriptural and secondly practical. Pastor strives to make the Bible come alive, and he shows how it applies to your life.


At CrossView we use the King James Version. If you have another version you are more than welcome to bring it along. Pastor's messages are solely out of the King James, so it would be easiest to follow along if you had the same version with you.

Worship Style

We are a conservative church in belief and practice. We still use the old-fashioned hymnals for most of our singing, and our accompaniment consists of piano music. Our service centers around what truly matters as we strive to cut out the unnecessary fluff and focus on giving glory to God. We are not in the entertainment business. Our business is truth and love.

Church Building

We're a small congregation that is meeting in a converted house. As you turn into our driveway, you will cross over some railroad tracks at the top of a little hill. The entrance for the parking lot will be immediately to your right. You may park anywhere you like in the lot and walk right in through the front door where people will be there to greet you with a smile.


There is no dress code at CrossView. Some wear suits and ties to services while others wear jeans and t-shirts. Pastor Drew always wears a tie to services, but no one is excluded from services because of their dress. Our purpose at church is to worship the Lord, so any attire that is conducive to that is acceptable.

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